Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to Bluebird Urban Farmhouse

Begin with a perfectly gorgeous room-just as it is-in an old schoolhouse in Forest, Virginia.  The chippy cream and white painted bead board  provides the perfect backdrop for our vintage collections.  A few places that were covered up with pegboard were exposed and already painted a soft cottage green and were in keeping with the character of the room.  The huge windows provide beautiful light to shine through glassware and bounce off the vintage mirrors.

One side of the room still has the original slate board.  

The mirror fits wonderfully and looks great on the slate!

Two Great Scott's, (they really are both named Scott!) 
 We will just refer to them as the Mr. Bluebirds from now on.  They are awesome and help us with all the heavy lifting and building and moving and support etc....We are lucky!  
Today they hung the curtains because they are really high and they had to run a cable and drill etc...

Awesome job men!
  The curtains were made with burlap and natural muslin and hung on a cable 
with conduit brackets as hooks.  Very URBAN FARMHOUSE! 
They look great!

Next came hanging a shelf.  
Can you believe we actually found it just as it is?  It's the perfect size for this wall.
Two more cream colored ones were hung above the doorways.

A great place to hang the pulleys.

An old iron bed is outfitted with a platform for display.
Just waiting for some linen pillows to be sewn and dishes to be displayed!

One Mr. Bluebird made this shelf from an old door-it's for sale! 
Don't you love the #7?

That's the major structure of our new BLUEBIRD URBAN FARMHOUSE!  Now we get to fill it with all the beautiful pieces we find, collect, restore, create, paint, sand, build, make, sew and LOVE!  All with character, patina and charm that will add unique URBAN FARMHOUSE style to your home. 

We would love to keep it all for our own homes but the Mr. Bluebirds say our nests are too full so we decided we would be just as happy if you had these beautiful pieces for your nests
and loved them just as much as we do.  

Hope you visit our new shop and find the perfect piece for your home. The inventory is unique and constantly changing so don't  hesitate about something you truly love, it may not be there the next time!

We will be posting photos of new additions to the FARMHOUSE as we collect them so check in daily and please follow us!

Peddler Antique Shop
1165 Burnbridge Road
Forest, VA  24551

Hours of operation are:
Monday-Saturday: 11:00-4:00
Sunday: 1:00-5:00