Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just starting a new business takes a bit of trial and error to see what works and how to best do things.  We started out with a blog and then tried a Facebook page.  It seemed the Facebook page was more efficient for reaching our customers  and we couldn't figure out how to post to the blog without redoing all the photos so we just concentrated on Facebook.  I think the blog has made it easier to link to Facebook now so we are back to trying that too!  

Thank you to all of our great customers for shopping at Bluebird!  We continue to be blessed with your many kind comments on how much you love our shop!  I was in the shop today and another fan told me how much she loved our shop and the great prices!  And that is true, we try to price things reasonably so you can shop often and we can add new items!

 The positive feedback is so very encouraging when you are just starting out and we appreciate it!

Here are a few new items.

A dreamy white vanity that would be so sweet in a girl's room!

The stool is new too and we also have the handmade coin purses on the red rack.
They are perfect for the college girl who has to show ID many times a day
 and fits your cash, credit cards, keys and even a lipstick!

A chippy white enamel top table and a pretty blue stool.

This is a pretty little table that didn't even make it in the shop.

And this is the lucky shopper who snatched it on the way in the door!

Tomorrow we will be bringing in some new things so check back!