Friday, July 27, 2012

Union Jack

In honor of the olympics.
An old crate painted in the Union Jack.
Vintage hardware, hand painted and waxed.

Monday, February 6, 2012


We have a few new things at Bluebird this week!

A cool sign painted on a vintage board. 
 I love the chippy seafoam green paint with the cream and black.

Story book charm in this black bench made from a bed frame.
The top lifts up to reveal  cedar lined storage.  The French toile pillows look perfect on it.

A pretty white shelf with an aqua beaded board back.

A beachy handmade towel rack with sea shells and sand.

An old tool box with a leather strap.

This tray is so pretty! Classic BLUEBIRD!

A chippy white small table/desk  and chair
 with a vintage hand waxed wood top.

A new inspiration board on a barn wood frame.

A sweet cottage white chair.

This stool has a great shape and pretty patina.

This is a shot of the room.  One of the things I haven't mentioned yet is the
crate in the front.  It's got a pretty yellow beaded board interior.  A canvas bird print is in it.
Another thing is the cast iron rusty bell on the stool. The glasses on the table are wonderful too.  They have a band of silver plate at the top and have a clean contemporary,  look to them.

No. 78 is new.

Hope you can stop in this week!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Just a few new things today at BLUEBIRD!

This pretty lady is done up in French graphics.
Wouldn't she make a perfect display for necklaces?

This beautiful lady is adorned with dictionary text.

These two pretty plates are perfect for spring!

Picnic season is just around the corner!

 An awesome vintage blue file box and some red bookends.
Cute for a boy's room.

And finally a sweet little bunny dish.  I love the pink rosebuds!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Saturday was a wonderful, busy day at BLUEBIRD!

Our "HENRY MUSSER" farmtable has found a new home
with a lovely lady named Kristin!  Kristen and her mom
drove all the way from Raleigh just to shop at BLUEBIRD!

We are thrilled and honored that someone would drive that far just to visit our shop!
Thank you!  It was so fun to meet you two!

We have put a few new items in the shop today.
Here are some photos.

This is a perfect sized, cute table that would be perfect for an entryway
or behind a love seat.  I love the grey color
 and the rusty wrought iron details on the sides.
The bottom has slats that add to the charm too.

I love the light in this room!

Don't you love the jade green?

Love this shade of green too!

This is so pretty!  It's actually a piece from Gerold Porzellan 
 marked 5567 Bavaria West Germany.  From my research, it would date 1949 or later.
 I thought it was pretty and would be awesome as a soap dish or ring dish.
Love the pretty porcelain birds!

This is a vintage bird illustration for a thread company on music.
Think Green must be the color this week:)

This is a McCoy pottery piece.  

If I remember correctly, I was told this would be 
the plate someone used for a roadside produce stand.
I  thought it was interesting and a pretty graphic.

Wire baskets are always great!

A very pretty red floral!  Love the cutwork in this piece.

Milk glass is so dreamy!

This is a cute magnet board.  Love the text over the shell pink!
It would be a great valentine gift for a little princess.

That's it for today. 
 We should have more pics in a few days as there are always new projects to finish up!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Here's what's new at Bluebird!
We have a lot of new things this week. 
 Remember to click on the pics to get an up close view.

Last week a friend was in the shop and picked up a vase and 
said, "Wow! This is only five dollars!"  She really wanted it.  
Yesterday, I was in the shop and I heard someone pick up the exact same vase and
 say the exact same thing!  Her friend said, "This picnic basket is only fourteen dollars!"

I'm just saying, we have REALLY good prices!
 We have a  wide range of prices, some things are more expensive 
but you can always find something you can afford 
and get a good deal on cool stuff for your home! 

Here's our philosophy.
We try to price things as low as we can so you can buy them
 and we can get more cool stuff for you to buy.... 
so we can get more cool stuff for you to buy......
See how that works?  WIN-WIN!

How pretty is this birdhouse?
 And the fleur de lis bookends and the bistro sign? So FRENCH! 

 An old shoe shine box.

 This pretty shelf is metal!

What a pretty frame on this chalkboard!

 A sweet table that's perfect for a bedside or an end table.

No. 3 is lovely!

 A French postal stamp tray.
 We coat our trays with poly so you can easily clean up!

 A French script lined basket filled with letters...

 A pretty fleur de lis chalkboard.

No. 47 is a pretty side table.

 This shelf/coat rack is awesome and such a soft grey!

 How cool is this old box?

 Some bee garden items.  Spring is just around the corner!

 A cool old glass container.  It's a beautiful piece!

 A cute cottage desk and chair in a pretty soft white.

 We are getting ready for garden season!  
Aren't these pretty with the chicken wire?

 A pretty bench style bookshelf.

 This little cabinet is so cute and I love the chicken too!

 EVERYONE loves birds!  They are always great for decorating your home.

This is a view of the shop this week.

This metal basket is really nice. 
 I had to "live" with it a few months before I was able to let it go!

A pretty hamper with a steampunk key burlap fabric!


Oh, the possibility!

How unusual are these spice tins?

A red tool box and a vintage toy gun.  
The tool box would be perfect for a little boy to stash his treasures and the gun is just so cute! 
 My little boy isn't so little anymore but these are the kind of things I would have bought for him.  
Well, he does have a red tool box now for his treasures...and a gun...okay, they are cool
 things for boys of all ages!

We have restocked our supply of soda crates!

Another tool box!  A pretty green. 
 I love to decorate with tool boxes. 
 They are great for the craft room or kitchen on top of the fridge or anywhere.  
They are just cool!

Some pics of the chicks!

A vintage green picnic basket.  Love this green! 
I know I recently saw a magazine article with a bunch of these in a display. 
 Country Living or House Beautiful?

A pretty painted wood box.

A pretty red and rusty metal birdhouse.  Spring fever....

This large tray is so pretty!

A beautiful old frame has been given a new life as a chalkboard.

An old crate with pretty type.
Vintage pyrex.  It's the colors that make them so wonderful!

Another tool box.  This one is wood.
 Black distressed paint on the exterior and the little green clasp is perfect!

This is the week for tool boxes!  Pretty blue!

This is the coolest vintage chalkboard with paint cup holders.  Lots of character!
This live/love sign is a great design.  
Notice how the i/o can change on how you interpret the white space?

An old oar would look great in a boy's room with the other things in this photo!

Here is an earring and necklace holder made form a vintage grater.  
Perfect present for your little valentine!

These pretty barstools swivel!

A Paris stool and an earring/necklace holder in pretty pink!

A cream version!

Wouldn't this be pretty to hold your soap or rings? 
 Love the bird and the blue color!

HYDRANGEA!  Pretty tea set!

No. 43 is a lovely tool chest! 
 Had a hard time letting go of this one too!
I love No. 43!

A vintage French tin!

This cute crate will hold 4 pots of herbs!  Can't wait till spring!

Pretty hand painted bluebirds on slate!

These candle sconces are so pretty and unusual!
We really are strong believers in unusual pieces with character in decorating.
Who want's to be like everyone else?

Love all of this!

Stop by our shop this week!