Sunday, January 15, 2012


Saturday was a wonderful, busy day at BLUEBIRD!

Our "HENRY MUSSER" farmtable has found a new home
with a lovely lady named Kristin!  Kristen and her mom
drove all the way from Raleigh just to shop at BLUEBIRD!

We are thrilled and honored that someone would drive that far just to visit our shop!
Thank you!  It was so fun to meet you two!

We have put a few new items in the shop today.
Here are some photos.

This is a perfect sized, cute table that would be perfect for an entryway
or behind a love seat.  I love the grey color
 and the rusty wrought iron details on the sides.
The bottom has slats that add to the charm too.

I love the light in this room!

Don't you love the jade green?

Love this shade of green too!

This is so pretty!  It's actually a piece from Gerold Porzellan 
 marked 5567 Bavaria West Germany.  From my research, it would date 1949 or later.
 I thought it was pretty and would be awesome as a soap dish or ring dish.
Love the pretty porcelain birds!

This is a vintage bird illustration for a thread company on music.
Think Green must be the color this week:)

This is a McCoy pottery piece.  

If I remember correctly, I was told this would be 
the plate someone used for a roadside produce stand.
I  thought it was interesting and a pretty graphic.

Wire baskets are always great!

A very pretty red floral!  Love the cutwork in this piece.

Milk glass is so dreamy!

This is a cute magnet board.  Love the text over the shell pink!
It would be a great valentine gift for a little princess.

That's it for today. 
 We should have more pics in a few days as there are always new projects to finish up!

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